World Serve International - Water Well Initiative

In the last century, drought has caused more deaths than any other natural disaster. Clean water is critical to health, education and economy. We are excited to be partnering with WorldServe International, aiding in their strategy of drilling for water wells.

WorldServe works in partnership with local leaders to ensure that well sites are built and maintained for sustainability. A key outcome is that, instead of walking several hours to a dirty water source, village women and girls can secure clean water in perhaps 15 minutes, allowing economy and education to flourish as time is spent more productively. Health issues diminish further as hygiene can be learned and practiced.

This creates a sustainable environment for villages to be built, communities developed, and church to be established. This is such an amazing opportunity for us as a church to help spread to gospel to those in need.

If you would like to give to this this initiative visit the giving page.

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